About Ghene Snowdon

I was born in the summer of 1979, on the island of Mindanao, Philippines to a fisherman’s family. My earliest memories are of huge family gatherings, frolicking on black sand beaches and escaping from my mother’s wrath for some misdemeanour. My mother gave me my first camera at the age of 11. I took a lot of candid images of my friends, embarrassing images of my family and general record of life and events. There was an unusual amount of pictures from school and family outings, fiestas, parties, family reunions and funerals. Around the same time, she also sent me to weekend school where I learnt to create things – sewing clothes, making bags, making toys and cooking. These are skill which I still use today for the efficient running of my home and for my “crazy” photographic projects.

I spent the later part of my teens in Nice, France where I studied, started my own family and rediscovered my love for photography. My previous experiences growing up in a big family and working in the hospitality industry gave me a useful insight about people from different walks of life – from those who can barely keep a roof on their heads to those living in palaces.

I love to photograph people whether they are laughing, crying or looking generally grumpy! And I promise you, whatever your favoured expression is, the results will be amazing! I photograph family portraits, professional headshots, a limited number of weddings and various events. My rates are visible in the packages/services tab and are subject to change (I normally send an e-mail if there are changes).

After 3 years cooped up in my little studio in London, I am now back to shooting on location. The world is my oyster as they say and whatever you are willing to do, there are endless possibilities to the images we can create.

I am not a believer of hard-sell tactics – so I will upload your pictures in an online private gallery with print options, your gallery will be available for you to download.

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